When did my kids grow up?

When did my kids grow up?

I could have sworn yesterday they were my cute little toddlers. They were little and cute and silly. They said the silliest stuff. They were clumsy and tripped over their feet. Then they were daredevils and would climb and jump and started being independent.
The first word my oldest ever said was ” Tototycle” aka Motorcycle. It was the most adorable thing ever. He was obsessed with motorcycles and cars and trucks. He would sit at our window and watch them go by and wait for the trash truck. He always played with the vehicle toys. He would pretend the laundry basket was a truck or a motorcycle and drive around in it. Now, he’s this young man. Almost a teen, but not quite. He sure looks like one. He’s starting to sport a mustache and everything. WHY?!? Why do my kids have to grow up? When did my kids grow up?

When did my kids grow up?Young manTeen portraiture

This second boy of mine…. He is so sweet as I have said before. He was a late talker and until about 2 1/2 years old would just grunt and point and grunt and reach out to you. He wouldn’t speak a word. Then he hit almost three and was immediately speaking sophisticated sentences. I couldn’t believe how fast he started talking. It was literally overnight. He has always had girls chasing after him too. Since he was two, “Can Kayden come play”? It’s never stopped! He’s starting to look like a teen now as well. When did my kids grow up?

young boy child portraitboy child

My beautiful, sassy daughter, when did she grow up? She was so silly when she was little. Her first word was “taptub” aka bathtub. The swimming pool was a taptub, basically, anything she would swim in was a taptub. This child would never keep her clothes on either. One minute we were outside playing and the next she came running naked. Or I would be taking care of the youngest and I’d find her going outside naked with her rain boots on. She was a sneaker outer too. Of course in her underwear. Always. My neighbors thank goodness thought it was funny. I just couldn’t keep her clothes on her. Now she is all grown and beautiful and I’m afraid of her teen years. I can’t even imagine how it will be. So we’ll move on from that. When did my kids grow up?

young girl portrait black and whiteblack and white portrait of a young girl

Last but definitely not least is my littlest young man. Even he is looking so grown. He is acting so grown and doing grown-up kid things. It was just yesterday he depended upon me for most everything. I miss his all the time cuddles. He still cuddles, but not near as often. It always ends in him falling asleep on me. This child will fall asleep anywhere and on anything. I cannot tell you the number of photos I have of him asleep on me, on my feet, on shoes, and on stairs. So many I could probably write a book. Now he is a smart alec, witty, goofy boy. He is growing so fast. He’s now doing addition and reading in school. How can that be? When did my kids grow up?

silly little boy portraitgrowing boy photo

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