Okinawa Child Photographer | Last Day of School

Okinawa Child Photographer | Last Day of School

This is the day that the children count down for most of the year. The last day of school. The moms and dads may or may not count down to this day. I’m kind of in the middle about this topic. As an Okinawa child photographer I love having a schedule and free time away from my kids some days and other days I want to be with my kids and have no schedule to worry about.
I remember as a kid how excited I was even though I loved school work. It meant endless days on the farm, playing, and lots of chores. I didn’t mind.

I cannot believe how much they have changed over the school year.  They have gained knowledge and become a little more mature over the year. They have made friends and said goodbye to friends as well. I won’t lie, we have had our ups and downs throughout the school year. Those moments made me wish for the last day of school.

Does anyone have the homework struggle? I know I have each year with my children. Each year I hope that it’s better the next. We shall see! My littlest graduated preschool and was absolutely adorable. My oldest received an award in Social Studies, which made me extremely happy!
What are you planning for the summer? Did you take the last day of school photographs of your children? I love to see the difference in them from start to end.

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